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Welcome! I am glad you found this site and my wish is that the words I speak on this blog will in some way help you out with whatever it is that brought you here. There are few things in life that really get us through and I strongly believe that 3 of those are Passion, Faith and Struggle. I will touch on each one of these the most at first and may branch out to other topics as this blog evolves but right now these are the things on my heart the most. I feel like we all face struggles, I feel like we all get lost and forget the things we are passionate about and I believe faith is the one thing that ties all of these together to get us through.

I pray that you find this blog as beneficial and encouraging. This is in no way meant to be a negative source nor professional advice. The things expressed on this site are my own opinions and beliefs. Over the past 10 years my life has been an constant whirlwind going from living the american dream to a path of self destruction to finding healing through God and his word. If you take a moment to read about my brief history I believe some of you can probably relate and benefit.